• What are the flame retardant grades of plastic products?
    Post time: Aug-06-2022

    What are the flame retardant grades of plastic products?   According to the continuous development of the market, the flame retardant performance test of different materials has formed different standards. The flame retardancy of a material refers to the ability of a material or product to b...Read more »

  • What is the status of public transportation?
    Post time: Jul-11-2022

    Communications-based train control is a railway signaling system that makes use of telecommunications between the train and track equipment for traffic management and infrastructure control. By means of CBTC systems, the position of a train is known more accurately than with traditional signaling...Read more »

  • How to operate the function keys of the fuel dispenser?
    Post time: Jun-27-2022

     How to operate the function keys of the fuel dispenser? You must have seen the fuel dispenser working if you went to the gas station. When the operators pressed several buttons, the oil would going into your car. Have you ever been curious on this machine? Let me show you how it works for you. ...Read more »

  • What does IP ratings mean?
    Post time: Jun-06-2022

    What does IP ratings mean? The IPX standard gives you a clearer picture of how water resistant the item is, compared to vague marketing terms such as ‘waterproof’. IP code represents by the grade the degree of waterproof and dust-proof. IP code is defined as the degree of protection p...Read more »

  • Post time: May-19-2022

    A VOIP phone is any phone that makes and receives calls using the internet. Instead of a traditional “hard wired” phone that uses direct connect copper wires to provide telephone service, A VOIP phone give you greater mobility, interoperability, and connectivity.   There are two big differe...Read more »

  • Do you know the difference between stainless steel and rolled steel material?
    Post time: May-04-2022

    In daily life, we use many items  which are made of stainless steel. The texture of stainless steel is very hard, corrosion-resistant, the surface of stainless steel shiny, will be used in many areas. Shiny, will be used in many areas, in fact, not only the frequency of use of stainless steel, bu...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-15-2022

    Industry is an important industry that supports the development of a country. Without industry, our food, clothing, housing and transportation will become extremely difficult, and our life will be more inconvenient. An ordinary industrial base station needs to use a lot of materials, which are ve...Read more »

  • What is an industrial keypad and what are its uses?
    Post time: Sep-22-2021

    What is an industrial keypad and what are its uses? 1. What is an industrial keypad? As the name implies, it is an industrial keypad. In fact, the working principle of an industrial keypad is the same as that of a normal keypad, and the internal structure is similar. The difference is that the in...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-13-2021

    Integrated circuits (chips) are widely used. They have strong support, radiation and driving capabilities in all aspects of the national economy. At the same time, they are very important for national defense security, information security, and economic security. Therefore, the chip industry has ...Read more »

  • Xianglong waterproof keypad B725 used in storage cabinet in France
    Post time: Sep-10-2021

    Xianglong waterproof keypad B725 used in storage cabinet in France Recently our B725 keypad were used in one of our customer’s storage cabinet. Here’s the picture that sent from the customer.                   We are specialized in industr...Read more »

  • Introduce of  antique style telephone auto dial public phone digital phones analog wall phone for airport JWAT139
    Post time: Aug-19-2021

    Ningbo Joiwo’s vandal proof industrial auto dial emergency telephone JWAT139  is popular and hot sale in the market. This model’s appearance  is a fashion model designed by ourselves. The stainless steel phone can be used in a variety of applications such as in jails, hospitals, oil rigs, platfor...Read more »

  • China Team have left many highlight in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020(Ningbo Joiwo)  
    Post time: Aug-05-2021

    The Tokyo Olympics, also known as the 32nd Summer Olympic Games, is an international sports event organized by the Japanese Olympic Committee. It opened on July 23, 2021 and closed on August 8.   The four-year Olympic Games are always so inspiring, exciting and shocking. In the Olympics, wha...Read more »

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